Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer Fashion Trends In Pakistan

As we all are aware of the trends in fashion but there are sometimes very minor details which need to be noticed else your complete makeover n dressing can be ruined such as how to carry your dress. A girl wants to always look in trend, pretty and elegant, hence they try all those things that is in fashion but they do forget that every dress, every nail paint and etc might not suit them. Therefore it is very important that you choose wisely. Wear the things that suits you, not because it is in trend. Here I'll summarize some trends so that you people can easily go for it. But again I'll say choose wisely!

Summer Dresses In Pakistan

What To Wear?

First of all we'll talk about the dress. The previous style has not really gone. Wear loose shirts with broad hemline, funky prints and ralli style. The length of your shirt depends on you, it can be either long or a bit short but not too short yet. The fabric should be as light as possible. Chiffon, malayi lawn and linen can be a good option. Chooridars and tights are still around the corner. With that now a day's wearing printed pants or palazzos are really in trend. Slowly and gradually buttons are being replaced. The dresses have become a combination of eastern plus a little touch of western. As far as the colours are concerned, shocking pink and other light colours are in this summer.

Stylish Slippers

Other Accessories

This season if you are trying to paint your nails so make sure you go ahead with neon colours such as blue yellow green. Still you are incomplete! Oh yes the more important part comes here, that is your face! We'll try to look natural. Use pink, peach or light orange blushons to look fresh. Apply orange and pink shade lipsticks with a light touch of gloss on your lower lip. No heavy and dark make-up this season. Avoid it strongly! Tie up your hairs properly, don't make them look messy. Pony-tail or a stylish bun can work out this season as it in trend. The last part, footwear. you can look more admirable n trendy if you wear flats not so closed. flats are widely out there in markets. Try every kind of it from funky to the most decent one according to your dress and foot shape.

Summer Hair Styles
Summer Hair Styles

The conclusion is apart from trend, wear whatever suits you. Try to experiment as much as possible not only with dresses but yes your nail art, hair, footwear and everything else. Learn to carry all types of dresses otherwise you can be called a jerk! So no more hiding, hesitations and being complexed. Just bring your inner beauty out! 

Trends all over.. :)


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