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Attractions of Paris

Attractions of Paris
Paris At Night

One beautiful romantic place, which is more of 'City of Lights' as it has always been on top of the lists for all the adventure seekers and the tourists. Paris is full of colors and lights; Its mass attraction sites draw attention of millions of people from around the globe.

The famous monument, Eiffel Tower 1889, this monument adds a lot of points in the tourists attraction list and is visited by lots of people taking pictures and getting fascinated by the height. They sure are right, no visit is complete without a climb to the top. This famous goes wild at sunrise, sunset and at night. You sure can imagine that.

Besides, Paris' museums and monuments are highly-esteemed pieces of attraction and they draw a lot of points to the tourism sector.The city's most amazing museum, The Louvre, it sees over 8 million people a year and it's the most visited art museum. Though it was taken over by Mona Lisa's famous art works, but now other Leonardo s are taking over and sharing their intelligence as well as Mu see Picasso and Mu see Rodin.

Attractions of Paris
Attractions of Paris

About the dance and the dinner, Paris has rocked itself with some fantastic and mesmerizing hookups and dance halls. The Moulin Rouge cabaret-dance hall, basically a staged dinner theater spectacle with glittery lamp-posts and beautiful fake trees covering the stage with the dancers dancing their feet off and their breath in faultlessly. There's also an occasional matinĂ©e; lunch and show € 130.

A finger lick-in restaurant, that is Le Restaurant within extraordinary chef - Phillipe Belisse in charge of the kitchen offers a variety of seasonal menu with dishes such as pan-fried tuna, John Dory or suckling pig. Other surprising autumn menus are available too. Breton Crab! Ah! Awesome!

So that's for now. I'll be sharing more big cities and places. Until then, It's all Paris my friend, dream about it.

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