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Thursday, 27 June 2013

10 Interesting Facts About Our Solar System

Our Solar System
Our Solar System

Our Solar System

Our solar system is very fascinating place for people. There are billions of things which we need to explore that is why everyone attracts towards space and solar system. There are millions of solar system  other than our solar system. Now, In our solar system we have eight planets previously it was nine but planet "PLUTO" has been excluded and it has been included in a category called "Dwarf Planets".

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Small and Cheap Water Filter...A New Technology

Cheap Water filtration Device
Water Filtration Device Made by Seychelle Company

Water is the most important thing on Earth. Everyone is aware of its importance but not logically because we have enough resources of water and whenever we feel thirsty we drink it by bottle or through taps but importance of water increases more for the person who is walking in a desert and does not have water. This situation mostly happens with tourists when they visit desert areas. Just try to imagine you are walking in a desert and weather is very hot and you feel thirsty and when you open cap of your bottle you find nothing to drink you will come to know that it will turn your life into death in some hours if you do not drink water. Suddenly you see a pond filled with water but it is much shallow water. You do not care and just go for drinking it. But you just stop and ask yourself should i drink this shallow water?  answer is  "NO" because bacteria and other impurities can also lead you to death if you drink this water. At this place NDuR survival straw can save your life.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

10 Interesting Facts About Women

It is believed that Women are the most interesting creatures on Earth as compare to any creature. They always do interesting things and are very famous among men. Girls are the junior version of Women.


Where to find a women?

This interesting creature is very common and everyone has in his home whether he will or not So, like other creatures it does not depend our will. Men do not take mess with women because they always give up in front of a women.