Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Creating Scenery By Using Vegetables

All you need is:
- capsicum (1)
- salad leave in small size (1)
- lady finger (1)
- potato in small size (1)
- paper
- black marker (you can use color markers as well to look it more beautiful)
- poster paints (dark green, light green, light blue, yellow, red, brown colors)
- painting brush

Ask your elders to cut the vegetables, you may get hurt!

1. Cut the capsicum into half. Take one half of it and paint it in dark green color from the side it has been cut. Then press it on left side of the paper.
2. Now take the salad leave and paint it brown in color and press it just under the shape of capsicum. Here! Your tree is made.
3. To make flowers cut the lady finger into half. Paint one half of it in red color and press it at bottom of the paper leaving some space. Repeat the process as many times as many flowers you want to make. When it dries out, draw the stems and leaves of the flowers using marker.
4. Now take another half of the lady finger, paint it light green in color. Press it beside the flowers. Repeat the process seven times. When it becomes dry draw the face of the caterpillar.
5. Cut the potato in half, paint one half in yellow color. Press it at the top right corner of the paper and then use a marker to make the rays when the paint dries out.
6. Last but not the least, to make clouds, take another half of the potato and paint it light blue in color. Press it on top of the paper. Repeat the process at least thrice to give a good look to clouds.

Happy painting! :)


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