Sunday, 3 February 2013


Here i am going to provide some tips related to International English Language Testing system (IELTS)
Firstly i want to draw an outline of IELTS examination....It consist of four parts.
IELTS examination is designed to evaluate your concepts.The exam begins with Listening then Reading,Writing. These three parts are always in defined order. Speaking test may be conduct before and may be after these three parts. But in most cases Speaking test will be taken after taking these three components.

In listening test a booklet will be provided to you. This booklet contains four sections each section includes ten question. These questions are of different types...which is mention below
MCQs (multiple choice questions ) 
After providing booklet they will play sound recording which is of 30 minutes and have 6 to 8 breaks.This recording is related to the content exist in your booklet you have to listen the sound carefully and answer all the questions.After 30 minutes they will give you extra 10 minutes to transfer your answer from rough booklet to fair sheet.
Tips related to Listening
  1. Try to concentrate on recording. for concentration practice you can fix a nail on wall and watch that nail it will improve your concentration power.
  2. Most of the student waste their time in reading whole question for example: in mcqs they waste their time in reading options this is very wrong habit. They are busy in reading and lost their answers so they have to just read the question not the options.
  3. Another common mistake is searching for the exact word or sentence in recording. IELTS tests your listening concepts so there will never be an exact word or sentence in recording For example if the blank is Marco should get a copy of statistics software by the end of ____. So you do not need to search for exact sentence or word in recording because you will never find this.You have to understand the question and try to find the nature of answer like noun pronoun adjective name of month or a year etc. Here the answer is MARCH so we can get the nature of answer by the ending sentence which is "by the end of" this provides you a clue.
  4. The last tip related to listening test is they provide you 30 seconds after between breaks so instead of checking answer go forward and read the next section. It will save your time and provide you time to understand questions. 
By adopting these tips in listening test. you will be able to get good score in IELTS. Hope you will like this.


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