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In my last post I gave you tips related to listening session today I am going to tell you format, orders of the questions and some tips related to reading test. You can get high scores by adopting these tips for sure. These tips are genuine and very useful.

To begin with, As everyone knows reading is the most difficult test in IELTS. I want to provide you necessary details of reading session. Reading session take one hour to complete. This session conducts next to listening session. For academic students there are three passages. This post covers academic students so I will not concentrate on general training students. As I say in reading test there will be three passages and these three passages will contain 38-40 questions. These questions may be of any kind which mentions below:
1.      Sentence Completion.
2.      Fill in the Blanks.
3.      True False Not given.
4.      Short Answer question.
5.      MCQs
6.      Table/Chart/Note Completion

In the above types of questions answers always will be in order. By saying answers in order I mean to say that when you find answer of question number 1 in line 1 of Para 2 so the answer of question number 2 must be present after the answer of question 1. You must not try to waste your time by looking Para 1. Now I hope you will understand what I meant to say by answers in order.
Now, I am going to explain you remaining types of questions whose answers will not be in order. These are:
7.      Headings
8.      Matching/Classification
9.      Paragraph Summary Matching
10.  Labeling Diagram.
Now, Answers of these types of questions exist in any order. For Example: If you find the answer of question number 1 in Para 3 So, you may search Para number 1 or 2 for the answer of question no 2. Here you do not think that answer must be present in next lines like the other six types of questions.
At the present, I am telling you general orders of questions. As I told you there will be 38 to 40 questions present in a reading test. There is no particular order for these questions in IELTS reading test. But mostly questions are in an order that 13 questions will be present in passage 1 and 2 and 14 questions will be present in passage 3. This test will also depend on your managing skills because there is lack of time. You have to read and answer correctly all the questions.
Now I want to give you my tips. Tips are given for all types of questions. Band scoring and other things will be provided in next post.
1.      The very first tip is to get command over reading. For this you keep on reading magazines, books, novels etc. This will make you efficient in your reading skills. By continuous reading your understanding towards sentences will be clear. Nothing will be vague for you.
2.      Other tip is allocate time to each passage. Students have only one hour to solve three passages so allocate 20 minutes to each passage by this you will be able to solve all three passages on time.
3.      Third tip is very important by avoiding this you must have problems in your test. This tip is related to saving time. Heading questions are those questions in which the passage is divided into parts and there is box which contains many heading then they will ask you to read whole passage and assign suitable heading to each paragraph. For this you have to read whole passage. Whenever you find HEADING questions so, do not solve it immediately. Go for the other types of questions and after completing all then try to solve heading questions. This will save your time otherwise you will lost your time by wasting on heading questions because they are lengthy.
Now in my opinion, this is enough for today and I will continue to write for you guys. Promote this blog and if you have any questions so feel free to contact me.


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