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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Basic IELTS Structure with Free Material

IELTS Examination is very famous throughout the world. Its abbreviation is "International English Language Testing System". This exam is started by Cambridge University and conducted by British Council and Australian Education Office to analyse your command on English language. It is necessary to take IELTS examination whether you want  to study abroad or trying to get permanent resident visa. IELTS is accepted by almost every country. IELTS examination consist of four Parts which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. In IELTS examination marks will be in the form of bands vary from 1 to 9. 1 is the lowest band while 9 is the highest.

IELTS Examination


There are two types of IELTS exam.
1) Academic
2) General Training
Academic IELTS are for study purpose while General Training IELTS required for Immigration purpose. There are many differences between Academics and General Training Examination.

Structure of IELTS Academics Examination


Total Time: 40 minutes
Instructor will provide you a booklet in which you have four sections and range of questions vary from 38-40 but in most of the cases there are 40 questions. An audio tape will be play you have to carefully listen the tape and answer those questions.
30 minutes for writing answers on rough sheet and 10 minutes to transfer your answer from rough booklet to fair and final sheet. You can do mistakes on rough sheet but be careful while transferring your answers on fair sheet.

IELTS Listening Test


Total Time: 1 Hour
Number of Passages: 3
Allocation of Time: 20 minutes to each passage
This is the most difficult part among all four. There are three passages which you have to attempt without any choice. Read passages and answer the question. In reading test you will not be provided any extra time so do not do any mistake while writing answers of questions.


Total Time: 1 Hours

Essay and Graph
In this exam you have to write one essay and explain one graph, map or process. Essay will carry 5.5 bands and graph explanation will carry 3.5 bands. In this component spend 40 minutes on essay writing and 20 minutes on graph explanation. So you will be able to attempt your desired  bands.


Speaking will be conducted after or before exam but not on the same date.  In this component there are three parts. An examiner will ask you question and you have to give her descriptive answer . In part one examiner will ask you general questions related to your work and family After that examiner will give you a card on which you have some questions for which you have to make notes in one minutes then you have to answer those questions. In third and last part examiner will ask you follow-up questions.

IELTS Speaking

IELTS Preparation

For IELTS preparation you require about minimum 2 to 3 months if you understand English to some extent. There many institutes for preparation select one of them and start your preparation but do not be a victim of scam. Do not linger on your preparation it could be harmful you because you will  lose the momentum. For preparation Cambridge IELTS books are very useful there are many other material but Cambridge IELTS books are authentic one which will help you more than any other material. I am sharing here many books including Cambridge IELTS books So download these material and give your feedback so we can rectify our flaws.

IELTS Cambridge Books

1) Cambridge IELTS Course
2) Cambridge IELTS Book 1
3)  Cambridge IELTS Book 2
4) Cambridge IELTS Book 3
5) Cambridge IELTS Book 4
6) Cambridge IELTS Book 5
7) Cambridge IELTS Book 6
8) Cambridge IELTS Book 7

Thank You for visiting our blog and Best of Luck to all those people who are taking IELTS.

Best of Luck

For those who are going to take General Training IELTS these material are also helpful.

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