Sunday, 2 June 2013

10 Interesting Facts About Women

It is believed that Women are the most interesting creatures on Earth as compare to any creature. They always do interesting things and are very famous among men. Girls are the junior version of Women.


Where to find a women?

This interesting creature is very common and everyone has in his home whether he will or not So, like other creatures it does not depend our will. Men do not take mess with women because they always give up in front of a women. 

Kinds of Women

As far as concern with kinds so no one knows because it cannot be calculated whenever scientists are going to reveal statistics their assistants come and say "Sir! Sir!, there are another too many kinds we have found and we are searching for more please do not disclose your statistics" due to recurrence of this situation Scientists leave this topic.

Facts About Women

Interesting Facts About Women

Now  there are many interesting facts about women but if we try to discuss all so every MB, GB or TB will be filled and i do not want it so i will discuss only common facts.
1: Women do not believe on truth so they always ask a question "How am i looking? even she knows real answer.

2: If you are talking to a women and there is a secret thing you tell her and said please do not tell to anyone. So do not be in misconception any more that your secret is still a secret because women always prefer it to be public.

3: The English word "Girl" was initially used to describe both gender but after sixteenth century it was use only for females.

4: In every country women lives more life than men. This is only because women believe to give tension not to take.

5: Women feels embarrassed whenever they see another women wear same dress.

6: When women goes for a long trip they take too many clothes just because she does not know what she will like to wear on each day.

7: Word "women" had been derived from a English word "wyfman" but then it splits into a wife of man.

8: Women travels miles and miles just because of some risk of getting lost due to short cuts.

9: In an IQ test a women got highest scores.

10: Women never have anything to wear for any place she always open her cupboard and think what to wear even she has lots and lots of clothes.


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