Sunday, 26 May 2013



People all over the world have superstitions though they may differ from country to country. The word superstitions can be tracer to the element of fear. In the western civilization, one of the most well known superstitions is the ill-luck which number thirteen is supposed to bring. Plus in west, passing under a ladder is considered unlucky as well.

There are many superstitions which are believed in Pakistan as well. They say if a black cat runs across somebody's path, it is believed that the person will meet an accident. And on the other side, they say hooting of the owl is supposed to bring disaster in the neighbourhood. Now common, who and why would one believe in them? Plus, ha ha  where'd they actually come from? Who originated them? They even say "caw-ing" of the crows announces the arrival of the guests and wailing of a dog brings death. Now this is getting funnier.

About the failure, looking at an empty vessel at the time of coming out of the house is also supposed to bring failure. But some superstitions are said to bring about good luck too. Like finding a horse shoe and carrying it along brings good luck.

Some strange facts about superstition-sis that when in actual life many of them do not come true. But people continue to follow them.

Superstitions fill men with unnecessarily fear and anxiety which leads to the brain and nervous strain so avoid believing, but read about it more on internet, there are a lot of interesting ones out there.


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