Sunday, 23 June 2013

Small and Cheap Water Filter...A New Technology

Cheap Water filtration Device
Water Filtration Device Made by Seychelle Company

Water is the most important thing on Earth. Everyone is aware of its importance but not logically because we have enough resources of water and whenever we feel thirsty we drink it by bottle or through taps but importance of water increases more for the person who is walking in a desert and does not have water. This situation mostly happens with tourists when they visit desert areas. Just try to imagine you are walking in a desert and weather is very hot and you feel thirsty and when you open cap of your bottle you find nothing to drink you will come to know that it will turn your life into death in some hours if you do not drink water. Suddenly you see a pond filled with water but it is much shallow water. You do not care and just go for drinking it. But you just stop and ask yourself should i drink this shallow water?  answer is  "NO" because bacteria and other impurities can also lead you to death if you drink this water. At this place NDuR survival straw can save your life.

A Small Water Filtration System

NDuR survival straw is a filtration device which can save your life in very dangerous situations. It has been invented by a Company named "Seychelle". NDuR water filtration device is very small and easy to carry. You can put this straw in your pocket or bag where ever you want and when you want to use it you can.  Seychelle company say NDuR survival straw purify water about 99.9999%.  It will save your life from immense impurities of water.
Cheap Water Filtration System
NDuR Survival Straw Made by Seychelle Company

How To Use This Small Filtration System

This filtration straw is very easy use. When you want to drink water from any lake or pond you just need to put your small water filter straw in pond and now water is ready to drink. This is amazing and looks unrealistic because how can a small straw purify water up to 99.9999% but it is real and just because of technology. But this device also has a limit which is that NDuR water filter cannot purify "Sea water or Salty Water". So do not use this device in sea water.

Price of Small Water Filter

NDuR survival straw is not very expensive it is available on shops on price of 30 US dollars. Once you buy this filtration system it will provide you about 95 litres of pure and clean water. So if you are planning a journey to a desert so buy this.

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