Monday, 8 July 2013

Now Google Will Help You in Healthy Food Selection

Food Selection by Google
Google's Nutritional Information

If you are on dieting and very conscious  about your food selection. When you pick a piece of cheese or any food you want to know that how much calories you are going to eat and you have not any device or available source so it can tell you about calories. Now you do not need to worry about your food selection because your problem has been solved. This time your problem solver is the company which is a giant in search engines and holds first position. I think now you have some idea so now i am disclosing the name of company. Those who thought about Google are correct.

Google has added a new feature which is called "Nutritional Search". This feature is very helpful for people who take a certain amount of calories in their foods. You can call this a food selector. You just need to click on the button and all the required information about your desired food in front of you.

What type of information Google will show you?

When you select your food and then click on button Google will display all the data related to your particular food for example amount of fat, carbohydrates ,vitamins, salt and calories but this is not enough Google will also tell you the benefits of these foods. Google said that this tool helps people to select a healthy food in there breakfast, lunch and dinner .
Nutritional search tool contains the data of more than thousand of fruits, vegetables, meat and dishes which is quite good. This tool is also tells the amount of nutrition of complicated dishes for instance "Chowmein"  and  "Burrito".

Google's Food Selection Feature

Can You ask about your Food?

Of course, This is possible if you want to ask so you can ask to Google and Google will answer your query.  Expansion is also available to you so when you need deep information about your food just Google it! 


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