Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Friend Who Moved Away

Sometimes I wonder if time were came back. If  time ever gave us all the wonderful moments to live again that passed away in a blink of an eye. Seldom I wish I had been given more time to thank, to pay back, to apologize, but my thoughts had died inside me. Time never comes back!

True Friendship
 Its All About Friendship

Often, I remember the first years of my school, when I was not able to even speak properly, the new faces used to perplex me, the teachers horrified me.
Only then around the corner of the world, I see someone as confused as I was. She was lonely just like me. I approached her and she smiled. A smile that captured the moment of my life. A smile that comforted me and made me realize that i finally have a friend. Destiny knew that we were meant to be friends, infect best friends! Only now I miss that smile. Rarely you meet people across the globe who passes the same nature as you do. I was lucky this time. She was active and energetic, punctual and careful. I had the same qualities too. So we turned into good friends. The formal hi's and hello's turned into informal chats. Learning ABC in kindergarten was not more fun than giggling during the whole period when in the end we used to ask each other "Did you understand and what teacher said?" Competing on whose handwriting was better, who got more stickers and remarks from teachers. Making phone calls over pretty details like "Are you going to school tomorrow?", designing pretty cards with colourful pencils and keeping a record of who gave them the more mattered the most to us. Never did we knew, that an unfaithful encounter was about to matter soon.

We used to get the same grades in class. The same marks and surprisingly the same remarks! Getting a point more than my friend used to be a pride for me, and getting one less infused a twinge of jealousy within me. I had often experienced that the same feelings around in her too, perhaps because I was confident and she knew she was shy. I was tall and fair and she was midget with tan complexion. Regardless of these dissimilarities, we were best friends!

Graduating to middle school, people came to know us because of our friendship. The deeply involved nerds changed into trouble makers of the class! The important discussions regarding Science and History changed into never ending gossips. I had developed in me a Desi style of talking and she had learned from me the trends of being stylish. We were honoured with different names like Chatter Boxes but are friendship was spicy red chill that everyone needed in their tasteless pulse! I can never forget the expressions on my teachers' faces when they used to catch us murmuring and twittering in the class and then switched us to the separate seats, yet passing smiles, waves and throwing paper balls would entertain the whole day! Never did I hold my sides with laughter and guffawed with my tummy aching and eyes liquefying with water at the end of her dumb hilarious jokes. Never did anyone lectured me so seriously when i mocked at someone. She was the one I could not think of without living. We had played together, shed tears together and completed assignments together. She made me believe in myself when I had ceased to believe. I would personify my friendship with the fact that I as the book and she was the writing incarnated in it.

A Friend Who Moved Away

The day when I became aware of the fact that we were about to go in different colleges. I could not but hold back all the beloved memories we spent together! And here I am sitting on an empty bench smiling for no reason and thinking what if I could grab the old times back so that I had one more day to spent with her! I miss you dear friend! Will always miss you!


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