Friday, 23 May 2014

Facebook Brings Amazing Android Application for Users

Moves Application

Everyone is aware with "Facebook". Most of us daily login and see stuff on facebook and facebook authorities are also working for the betterment of their website and every time introduce something interesting to sustain its user and also attract those who are not using facebook. On the way towards betterment Facebook launch new applications and also buy those who interfere their users. Recently example is "Whatsapp" when facebook saw Whatsapp users are continuously growing they bought it in huge amount. It also gave them a boost in stock exchange where share price of facebook raised high.

Now Facebook has launched a new application named "Moves application". This application was designed by a Finnish company "Protogeo". Potogeo's office is situated in Helsinki they designed fitness training applications for consumer. Couple of months ago facebook bought "Whatsapp" in $19 billion dollars and another virtual headset making company "Oculus" in $2 billion dollars. It seems like facebook does not want to lose its importance in this globe. They want to hold their valued users.

Facebook Owner
Owner of facebook Mark Zuckerberg 

What is "Moves Application"?

Moves Application is a fitness application designed by Protogeo but now in facebook's ownership. Moves application will tell you about your heartbeat, blood pressure and amount of calories in your body just by touching your smart phone's screen.  You do not need to take appointment by your doctor. It is very useful application and its results are error free. It will save our time and whenever we want to check our blood pressure or calories we can check in a minute. This application is designed for those who are conscious about their fitness. Facebook authorities does not disclose its price but experts say its price is more compare to other applications.

However, Protogeo assure their consumers their data will not be transferred to facebook and their will be no change in application. Before buying Facebook officials said Moves application is unbelievable and we expect a huge user for this tool. This applications has been download more than 4 million time by android and iphone users and its downloading is increasing day by day. Protogeo is not a single company who is designing fitness applications there are many other companies who are making fitness application to generate huge revenue.

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